Photos of Lindsay Price, Kim Raver, and Brooke Shields Filming Lipstick Jungle in NYC

Lipstick Jungle Cools Down, but New Guys Keep It Hot

The ladies of Lipstick Jungle filmed scenes in NYC yesterday, showing off their chic-as-ever outerwear. Just a few hours later, Kim and Lindsay hit the red carpet arm-in-arm without Brooke. Last night's episode was another dramatic one for Nico, Wendy, and Victory, but as usual their strong personalities, senses of humor, and great fashion kept it fresh. Nico and Wendy both seem pretty happy in their relationships on the show these days, but Victory was in a rocky place with her man. Thankfully, at Tuesday's Chanel party, Cheyenne Jackson talked about playing Lindsay Price's love interest in an upcoming episode, so she won't have any lack of hot guys around.

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