Photos of Madonna, Kristin Cavallari, Beyonce Knowles, Billie Joe Armstrong, Taylor Swift, Russell Brand, and Lady Gaga VMA Pres

Beyonce and Taylor Reconnect in the Press Room

Many of the big winners from last night's MTV VMAs headed backstage after picking up their moonmen to pose for photos in the press room. Ladies in red Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knowles were together again after their special moment on stage, when Beyonce invited Taylor back to finish the acceptance speech Kanye West had interrupted. He apologized for his outburst already, and Taylor even addressed the incident. She said, "I don't know him, and I've never met him, so . . . I don't want to start anything because I had a great night." Elsewhere in the press room, three blondes Madonna, Kristin Cavallari, and Lady GaGa enjoyed a few photo ops before heading out to make the rounds at all the afterparties.

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Source: Getty