Photos of Matthew McConaughey Wearing a Shirt That Says Vida Is Beatiful in LA With Levi

Matthew Updates Us on How Vida's Doing While Levi Explores

Matthew McConaughey proudly wore a "Vida is Beautiful" shirt while out for a jog in Malibu on Saturday. His new baby daughter's name translates to "life" in Portuguese, and the slogan's dual meaning fits right in with MM's j.k. livin mentality. Levi was also enjoying the great outdoors on a walk with his grandmother Kay McConaughey on Friday. He's been spending lots of time with Kay and Camila's mother as well while his parents are busy taking care of the newborn. Camila and Matthew didn't wait more than a few weeks after Levi's birth to debut the photos, so hopefully that means we'll get a peek at the baby girl soon.

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