Photos of Michael C Hall, Tina Fey, Kate Winslet, Adrian Grenier, Amy Poehler Partying after the 2009 Golden Globe Awards

The Parties Don't Stop For the Golden Globes Crew

The InStyle bash wasn't the only place where the stars were celebrating after the Golden Globes. Big winners Tina Fey and Colin Farrell showed off their statues at the NBC party alongside happy new parents Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. Over at the Showtime event, Dexter costars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter posed for the first time as a married couple. Meanwhile, David Duchovny made sure to mention his "wife" multiple times last night perhaps to squash any lingering, rocky marriage rumors. Since Téa was nowhere in sight, David chatted with his Californication costar, Evan Handler. Adrian Grenier and Mark Wahlberg were living it up at the HBO affair with the cast of Entourage and a camera of their own. Bella beauty, Kate Winslet finished off her magical night by making the rounds with her husband Sam Mendes, looking happy as could be with her arms full of awards.

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Images include: Colin Farrell, John Krasinski, Amy Poehler, Amanda Seyfried, Angela Kinsey, B.J. Novak, Drew Barrymore, Jane Krakowski, Kate Winslet, Kevin Bacon, Olivia Wilde, Rainn Wilson, Sigourney Weaver, Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, David Duchovny, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Mary-Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Eva Mendes, America Ferrera, Adrian Grenier, Anna Paquin, Ben Harper, Jamie Lynn-Sigler, Jerry Ferrera, Jon Voight, Laura Dern, Laura Linney, Mark Wahlberg, Melissa George, Rachel Griffiths, Terrence Howard, Tom Hanks, Zachary Quinto, Julie Benz, C.S. Lee, Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C. Hall, Evan Handler