Photos of Michelle Williams in NYC, Quotes From Interview About Wendy and Lucy

Michelle Loves a Window Into People's Lives

Michelle Williams bundled up and did some reading while walking around NYC yesterday. The actress and her films have been getting a lot of buzz with award season around the corner, earning a few Independent Spirit nominations already and tomorrow could bring some Golden Globe recognition. In a recent interview Michelle talked about her movie Wendy and Lucy and what it meant to her. She said:

"It's a gift to be able to work in the exact way that you have always wanted to. I feel really lucky. The performances aren't performances, they're just like a documentary, you feel like you are spying on people, and that has always been the kind of filmmaking that I like... Personally I like seeing those kinds of movies. I find them comforting because they make me feel less alone."

Michelle's had a tough year, but she's looking on the bright side as she gets closer with Spike, concentrates on Matilda, and keeps Heath's memory in her heart.