Photos of Michelle Williams And Ryan Gosling Promoting Blue Valentine at Cannes 2010-05-20 07:45:00

Ryan and Michelle Rise Early For More Blue Valentine Talk

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams couldn't suppress their smiles this morning during a press conference for Blue Valentine during the Cannes Film Festival. They've looked thrilled to be together promoting their project so far in France, beaming at their photo call and lavish premiere. Ryan and Michelle look good side by side, and their obvious chemistry has fans wondering if they are a couple off screen as well. A source close to their production says it was romantic when they first met on set, but Ryan's rep claims he's just cozy and comfortable with everyone. It was just one year ago that Ryan and Michelle started working on the movie, and in the meantime they've seen other people — she was still dating Spike Jonze, and Ryan had a short fling of his own in LA.

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Source:, Getty