Photos of Mila Kunis Drinking Starbucks on the Set

Mila and Her Heels Make Marky Mark Cry

Mila Kunis took a break from filming in LA yesterday to indulge in a couple of vices — coffee and cigarettes. She looked adorable working on her next project, but right now we're most excited about her recently completed film, Max Payne. Mila spent the weekend at Comic-Con with her co-star Mark Wahlberg (and Buzz!), where she bragged about her shooting skills — all in five-inch heels, of course. She said, “I can shoot pretty well. I got to beat Mark up with my little gun, which was fun — he cried a little bit. I’m sure I saw a few tears.” We fell in love with Mila thanks to her comedic roles, but it sounds like she's shaping up to be a bad-ass action star as well.