Happy new dad Matthew McConaughey was out for his usual jog in LA on Friday morning. Earlier this week we loved our first peek at little Levi Alves McConaughey, and Matthew and Camila opened up to OK! Magazine about much more including, of course, surfing. Here are highlights:

  • Camila on if they planned the pregnancy: "It was not an accident."
  • Matthew: "I was an accident! Levi was not."
  • Matthew on how Camila told him she was pregnant: "She came home and said, 'I think you may want to open your best bottle of wine. I have a card for you.' We sat down. There was an ultrasound picture in the card. He was just a little tadpole. . . I had tears of joy and was not shocked or surprised, just overwhelmed. My first words were, 'It's a boy,' and without thinking, she said, 'I know.'"
  • Matthew on if he'll take Levi surfing: "He'll be surfing next weekend. I can't wait to get him out there. All the new sights and sounds and smells are so great around here."

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  • Camila on asking about more babies: "Definitely too soon!"
  • Matthew: "I'm going to keep my mouth shut on that one. I think she just answered it."
  • Matthew on marriage: "We're happy just how we are."
  • Matthew on their parenting styles: "We're not going to play good cop, bad cop. The father can't say one thing and the mother, another. That's not good for the kids."
  • Matthew on finding alone time: "I'll still hopefully take solo surf trips. She'll take solo trips. Each one of us, myself, herself, and eventually Levi, it is very important that you have your own place. You have to play your solo."
  • Camila: "Even in the house, I have my space and he has his space."
  • Matthew: "It sure makes it that much more fun to meet in the kitchen later on and say, 'Hey, how was your day?'"

We love seeing Matthew in his newest and most important role as a dad and hopefully soon he really will be back at the beach with Camila and the newest member of their family.