Photos of Penelope Cruz at the Barcelona Screening of Broken Embraces

Penelope Brings Her Broken Embraces and Oscar to Spain

Penelope Cruz held on tight to her best friend and director Pedro Almodovar at a Barcelona screening of their latest collaboration, Broken Embraces. The inseparable duo, along with some of the film's other stars, have already started promoting the movie in Spain, though it won't be hitting theaters stateside until November. With her Oscar win fresh on everyone's mind, Penelope has been fielding lots of questions about her new little gold man. She recently spoke of its whereabouts, saying, "the Oscar has come with me to Spain, and I am going to leave it here. For now, I have no idea what this award is going to mean for me." Penelope sounds humble as ever, but her native country must be pleased to have their Academy darling and her statue back home.

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