Photos of Penelope Cruz Shopping at Chanel in Paris

Penelope Shops Before the Oscar Nominations Are Revealed

Penelope Cruz looked casually chic as she walked around the Chanel store in Paris yesterday. She's been getting lots of recognition for her work in Vicky Cristina Barcelona this award season, and tomorrow morning we'll find out if she can add Oscar nominee to her already impressive list of accolades. She recently made time to chat about her film, as well as her childhood and a low point in her past. Here's more:

  • On having a breakdown in 2002: "I was so young and I thought I could do everything, but it was all too much for my body and my mind. . . I did not stop working for the whole summer, and then I went to Calcutta where I was making a documentary for a Spanish foundation to raise money for kids. I couldn't delay the trip even though I was so tired, so when I returned to America afterwards, I broke down - out of exhaustion and also because of everything I saw in India. I would just work, work, work. I think that now I have more discipline that way I've learned that I must take time to rest and not just go from set to set, from film to film."
  • On her childhood: "We didn't have much money then, no. But we had what we needed. We had enough, but also not too much so that we were not growing up in a way that money was of no value. It had a big value because my parents had to work so hard, six days a week, just so we could have the basics. I loved being part of a family like that, where both my dad and my mother worked very, very hard. It was very inspiring for me to see that my mum was so strong. It was both of them bringing us up. I loved growing up like that."
  • On finding happiness: "I would do four movies a year before, while now I have a situation that is more disciplined. I don't want to be doing four movies a year and I haven't done that for the last few years. Nowadays, I am very happy in my life."

Whatever tomorrow brings, Penelope is in a great place, and she has Javier who's by her side regardless of the professional honors that come her way.

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