Photos of Pete Wentz and Bronx at a Bookstore in LA

Pete Wentz Chills With Bronx, Avoids Ashlee and Nicole's April Fools' Day Prank

Pete Wentz helped Bronx work on his walking skills, but picked up the barefoot 1-year-old when they got outside the bookstore they stopped at in Beverly Hills yesterday. The toddler may not quite fit the bill anymore, but according to dad, cutie Bronx thinks Justin Bieber's hit "Baby" is all about him. Last night, Ashlee stepped out to Trousdale club after dinner with Nicole Richie, where Pete caught some possible scheming between the girls. Nicole twittered that her April Fools' Day plans for Pete were foiled, but considering the banter the two regularly have she could have something else up her sleeve today.

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