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Jeff Bridges May Start a Country Band With Colin Farrell and More From The Dude in the Oscars Press Room!

Jeff Bridges took home his Oscar at tonight's show, winning best actor for his role in Crazy Heart. After giving a sweet speech up on stage, he stepped back to the press room. The Big Lebowski came up more than once, and Jeff Bridges showed that he still has a lot of The Dude in him. He also gushed about his wife of 33 years and two daughters. Here's highlights:

  • On his whole career as an actor: "Well, you know, ups and downs, what does the Dude say? Strikes and gutters, man. That's about it. That's about it."
  • On what he has in common with Bad Blake: "The music, that's what I most identified with Bad. I have been writing music, playing music since I was a kid. Unlike Bad, I have — you know, I didn't think he had great parents. He had four, probably, great wives that he got rid of, you know. But I have a very strong marriage. Bad didn't have that. There's a lot of stuff he didn't have."
  • On forming a country band with Colin Farrell: "Sounds like a good idea. I'll talk with those guys, maybe"
  • On his key to success: "Oh, well, first thing that pops into my mind is my wife, my support, you know. She holds that kite string. Lets me go way out there, and then it's so sweet being reeled back in. I love coming home. She pointed out the other day, we've been apart 11 of the last 14 months. So I went, whoo, really far out there. But my wife and my girls, I guess the girls are the tail of the kite, keep me centered like that. My girl, my daughters."

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  • On what he hopes this movie means in his life: "Yeah. Well, certainly, the music, that's going to bloom for me. That's something that I've been doing for a long time. And this is going to help me continue that. But also, you know, there's upsides and downsides of things. The downsides, you lose some of your anonymity, and for an actor, that's kind of tough. But the upside is, you know, hopefully, this award will help bring peace and understanding and prosperity to our world, you know. I think, because, really, movies are more than just entertainment, they are connecting us, you know. And music is the same way. We have, you know, a movie about music here, but music and movies are a common link for all of us. I am hoping that this will kind of raise my profile, and I am all about getting us, you know, getting us all together, getting the world healthy. Sometimes I'll think of movies as a great example for the way the world can work. You have all these, you know, different opinions, and all these different ways we can work together. And we can make the most beautiful movie we can make, and we have the opportunity to make this the most beautiful world too. So I hope that furthers that idea."
  • On the legacy of The Big Lebowski: "I'm digging the Dude. You know, I love him. That's wonderful. You know, the success that he's had. I was a little disappointed, when it first came out, it didn't do much. But now we have Lebowski fests and all kinds of things."

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