Photos and Quotes From The Hangover Cast at 2010 Critics' Choice Awards 2010-01-15 20:09:41

The Hangover Cast Hams It Up and Won't Get Serious in Critics' Choice Press Room

The Hangover took home the Critics' Choice Award for Best Comedy, which brought the cast back into the press room tonight — check out all the winners here. Director Todd Phillips said that a sequel to the hit movie is in the writing stage at the moment, but he is hoping to get it out by Memorial Day 2011 — although he denied the rumor that Zac Efron has a role in it. The whole crew had a great sense of humor — here's a few highlights:

  • Phillips on Zac Efron being in The Hangover 2: "No. No. You know reporters tend to treat IMDB like it's the Wall Street Journal. You know you do realize that it's written by some 15-year-old fat kid in Tampa that updates it, right? It's really not the paper of record."
  • On what part of the movie fans ask about: Bradley — "They ask us about the tiger and Tyson." Ed — "They ask me what it was like to kiss Heather Graham. [It was] moist." Heather — "A lot of my girlfriends want to be introduced to Bradley. [Ed acts hurt] . . . a lot of girlfriends want to be introduced to Ed too."
  • Ed on being considered an "alternative heartthrob": "I'm going to try and not be insulted by 'alternative heatthrob.' An alternative hearththrob feels alternatively good and humiliated. . . It's exciting. It's a revelation, thank you."

Things got a little more somber when they were asked about the situation in Haiti, which Ken Jeong commented on before joking that he wanted to talk about his "tiny penis."

Source: WireImage