Photos and Quotes From Taylor Swift in T Magazine 2009-12-04 16:00:05

Taylor Swift Gets Dolled Up For the New York Times

Taylor Swift is on the cover of this weekend's T Magazine style issue. The multiple-Grammy nominee is currently in LA bonding with her Valentine's Day costar Taylor Lautner, but she had time to do a screen test for the New York Timescheck out the video. Taylor also opened up in an accompanying interview about what her classmates thought of her music, being an outsider, and using real people's names in her songs. She said:

  • On what her classmates thought of her music: "I didn't really have that many friends at school. Kids would heckle me: 'Go sing that country beep.' It just dawned on me that I had to love being different or else I was going to end up being dark and angry and frustrated by school. Sometimes I felt like I was some sort of spy because I would go to school during the day, and then, after school, I had this life that was completely different. I definitely was more nervous walking into my first day of freshman year in high school than I was walking up to record labels and handing them my CD. In school, I learned to stop talking about music because they didn't like it when I did. I led a double life. I kind of started to live in fear when I would sing the national anthem at the 76ers game. If there was a write-up about it the next day in our local paper, I knew it was gonna be a bad day at school for me."
  • On her music as a response to being an outsider: "I would sit on the edge of class and watch people interact with each other. I'd watch guys flirt with cool girls and I would watch best friends talk, and I would go home and write about it. If you listen to my albums, it's like reading my diary."
  • On using people's real names: "I don't hesitate — people who have no idea that I have a crush on them won't find out through me telling them, but they will find out when they hear their name in a song. There was this guy who opened a couple of shows for me on tour and I talked to him a couple of times, but he never knew that I liked him. So I wrote this song called "Hey Stephen," and when my album came out, I sent him a text message: 'Hey, Track 5.' It was so funny. He sent me back a long email saying, 'Oh, my God!'"