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Photos and Quotes of Halle Berry in Harper's Bazaar May 2009 Issue

Halle's Happiness Bubble Isn't Bursting Anytime Soon

Halle Berry is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar's May issue, which also features the beauty striking a few poses inside a big bubble. She sat down to chat about her new fragrance line, as well as her relationship with Gabriel and lots about their daughter Nahla. Here's more:

  • On how she keeps her "mojo": "I have a 33-year-old man. That'll keep your mojo mojo-in'."
  • On whether she'll marry again: "No. I'm done. Also, I happened to find a person who feels done too, and he's never even been married before. So it works."

To read about her newfound appreciation for golf and what Obama means for Nahla, just read more.

  • On her golf dates with Gabriel: "The only reason I learned is for love. I was like, I'm not golfing; that's the boringest thing in the world. Then we only went a couple times and I realized, Oh, this isn't the boringest thing in the world. It's really fun and a good way to spend time with him."
  • On Obama changing things for Nahla: "Nahla will grow up in a completely different America. Obama is someone who's more like her than not, who shares her history. Hopefully she'll grow up in a world where it'll be easier than I had it. I had a rough time. I was accused of stuffing the ballot box for my high school prom-queen election because they couldn't believe the only black girl in the school won."






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