Photos and Quotes of Kate Winslet from February's InStyle

Kate Winslet's Just a Regular Girl with 2 Golden Globes

Kate Winslet put on a yet another Herve Leger dress for the cover of February's InStyle. Fresh off her big wins at the Golden Globes, she's still out there promoting both of the films that earned her the awards. She seems determined to keep her feet on the ground, despite whatever success comes her way. Kate opened up to the magazine about how she deals with her fame, as well as the backlash to her recent revealing Vanity Fair cover. Here's more:

  • On not being a movie star: "Please don't call me that. I don't feel like a movie star in my life at all, and I don't particular think I behave like one. I dont have my own plane. I don't have a chef or a trainer. To me, you're a movie star only during the time when you're at the Academy Awards or at an important glamorous event. It's very much a hat that you wear, and as soon as the event's over, the hat comes off. I'm back to being Mummy, and that's my priority."
  • On the one celebrity-ish thing she does: "Literally the one maybe celeb-y thing I do is the occasional facial. That is the only indulgent thing, where I just lie there and relax for an hour. You can't answer the phone. You can't get up and make soup. You've got to lie there and have somebody make you feel nice."
  • On her Vanity Fair cover: "There was some speculation in the British press — 'Has she been under the airbrush again?' It really kind of got to me. What's the big deal? If I'm looking good at the moment, just let me look good already! Don't have a go at me just because I'm not the fat person you always thought I was going to be."

Kate seems inclined to understatement — not only is she looking downright fantastic these days, but she should get used to being called a movie star since those two statues she took home last weekend have certainly cemented her status.