Photos of Reese Witherspoon Ice Skating With Ava and Deacon

Reese Makes Sure Ava and Deacon Know How to Hit the Ice

Reese Witherspoon may be raising LA kids, but she's not letting them miss out on the glory of Winter starting with a trip to the ice-skating rink in Santa Monica yesterday. Ava was all dressed up in her Christmas-y skating outfit ready to hit the ice while Deacon kept things a little more low key in a hoodie. The holidays are bringing a lot of cheer to this family with Reese's Four Christmases reigning one more week at the box office. Looks like Reese planned the perfect afternoon out for her kids and she's got another event to prepare for — next week she's throwing Jake Gyllenhaal a 28th birthday party when he takes a short break from shooting in London to celebrate.

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