Photos of Rihanna In NYC, Rihanna Does Not Want to Testify Against Chris Brown and Not Recording Duet With Chris

Rihanna Surfaces in NYC, But Might Not In Court Or In Duet

Rihanna stepped out in Manhattan earlier today, looking gorgeous in her sexy jacket but keeping her sunglasses on as she made her way inside. Across the country back in LA, Chris Brown's lawyers are trying to get the judge to allow Rihanna to not testify in Chris's case saying the leaked information about the incident have violated her trust. The hearing to decide that is scheduled for March 23 before his April 6 arraignment. As Rihanna has clearly been making her own decisions against the advice of some loved ones, Chris isn't the only one who might be turning off some fans. Now even Rih's sponsorship deals are earning some market research on the effect of her recent decisions. The good news is the duet between Chris and Rihanna does not exist after all.