Photos of Rihanna Traveling by Eurostar in Europe

Rihanna Plays Russian Roulette From France to England

Rihanna showed off a range of outfits yesterday, kicking off her afternoon in printed leggings as she made her way to Paris's Skyrock Studios to keep promoting her upcoming album Rated R. She wrapped up her French fun by the evening, when she caught the Eurostar train to London. She was all wrapped up in a big sweater for her arrival at St. Pancras station, and she walked through the crowds on the way to her waiting car. It's been quite a week for Rihanna, after being honored at Glamour's Woman of the Year event and opening up to Diane Sawyer about her intense last year. Rihanna is preparing to perform on Britain's X Factor show while the brand new video for "Russian Roulette" is out — watch it after the jump.

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