Photos of Robert Downey Jr and Guy Ritchie On the Set of Sherlock Holmes

RDJ Googles Himself and Loves Making Blockbusters

Robert Downey Jr. and Guy Ritchie looked very chummy on the set of Sherlock Holmes in Brooklyn yesterday. It was a big day for RDJ getting an Oscar nomination for Tropic Thunder about which he said, "It just shows you how far everyone in entertainment and politics has come." Robert also recently sat down with some fellow nominees for Newsweek's annual roundtable discussion. RDJ was his usual charming self:

  • On googling himself: Oh, I love all that s—-, personally. Sorry. I love just it. Because it's a hoot. Some people overstate their support, like they know you. Other people are busy doing something else and just want to go on this chat site and say some despicable character assassination, which I honestly think they kind of nailed it. I do have that shortcoming. It's really fun.
  • On his career recently: I grew up in a filmmaking family, and my dad was doing maverick underground independent stuff at the time of Cassavetes, so the Mike Leigh approach was nothing new to me. If your movie made money, you were eyed suspiciously by your peers. But then the counterpoint to that, it became so about the art, things got further and further out, there was no containment for it. That to me was the first death of independent moviemaking. I'll be on the sets, we're shooting "Iron Man" and we're in the desert, and I looked up and there's a sandstorm, and I just had the ah-ha moment. Gratitude would be the wrong word. But being able to do this is kind of inexplicable. It's the sense that I'm at my purpose. I'm not very popular about this, and the misses tells me to keep it on the QT, but lately for me, the biggest most commercial generic projects that I've done are the most creatively satisfying, and the ones that the audiences respond to. And I jump off and do an indie, and they can't hit their ass with both hands, it's 50 monkeys f---ing a football, and then you have to go and pump your kidneys dry in Sundance. What's next, f---king Shakespeare in the park for the pagans for three months?

Yesterday Robert also mentioned how glad he is to see comedies getting recognized by the Academy, which is something we're also excited about.

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