Photos of Robert Pattinson Promoting Remember Me on The Daily Show

Robert Pattinson Fits The Daily Show Into His Busy Afternoon

Robert Pattinson has already left NYC with his pal Tom Sturridge, but just before he headed to JFK airport, he managed to fit in one last stop by The Daily Show — his interview is after the jump. Jon Stewart commented that the crowd outside was one of the most intense he's ever witnessed in his years of hosting the program, but Rob was unfazed as he answered questions about his fame and sexy leading man status. It was quite a day for Robert since he made the rounds promoting Remember Me with a stop at The Early Show and then The View, where he talked about Betty White being sexy. He also had a late one on Monday celebrating his film's premiere and afterparty with Kristen Stewart, though she's already left the Big Apple herself as she gears up to start doing the press rounds for The Runaways.

To see more Rob and his interview on The Daily Show, just read more.

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