After walking the red carpet in London, the RocknRolla crew flew over to Canada for their Toronto Film Festival premiere last night. The movie got a good review from PopSugar UK, and the cast looked like they were having a blast messing around with each other. After chatting with Jeremy at the Entourage premiere, we know he loves to joke around, talking about his Broadway debut and what is coming up for Ari in the new season. Here's more from what he told us on Wednesday night:

  • On Entourage: "I think this particular dynamic is really interesting because its a bunch of guys with a NY sensibility, where they speak the truth to each other as they know it, and it can be tough love at times and really really brutal, but no matter what their status is they are going to give it to you straight and I think there’s something very endearing about that."
  • On filming in NYC: "I love it. I wish I could film everything here to be honest with you. I’m actually going to start rehearsing on Monday. I’m doing Broadway around the corner. I’m doing Speed-the-Plow. It’s basically my Olympics. I’m doing eight shows a week and I just want to be the Jewish Michael Phelps."
  • On Ari changing in the upcoming season: "I think that the audience will see other sides to him that I’ve always thought existed — the complete dedication and love for his family . . . the fact that when he takes mushrooms in the desert and is peaking. He’s completely lost and without Lloyd he’ll never make it home. So that happens and that’s one of the greatest moments I’ve ever been able to play in my life. I’ve done a great deal of research."

While Jeremy called his Broadway experience "the role of a lifetime," we can't wait to see him back playing Ari alongside the boys when Entourage returns on Sunday.

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Images include: Gerard Butler, Guy Ritchie, Jeremy Piven, Thandie Newton, Ludacris