Photos of Salma Hayek Hosting a Book Launch at Beso in LA

Salma Spent Her Honeymoon With Jack and Liz Lemon

Salma Hayek looked hot last night hosting a book launch at at Beso in LA while we were being treated to another of her guest spots on 30 Rock. She seemed to have as much fun working with Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey as we did watching her the past few weeks. Salma even headed right back to set after her wedding to Francois-Henri Pinault rather than jetting off on a romantic honeymoon. Baldwin also has nothing but love for her new husband, who is a "genius" for marrying her and "a doll." While Salma may have run off to Puerto Rico on 30 Rock last night, she has a lot of fans if she ever wants to return.

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Images include: Salma Hayek, Debra Messing, Anil Kapoor, Rose McGowan

Source and Pacific Coast News Online