Photos of Salma Hayek and Husband Francois-Henri Pinault at the Balenciaga Show During Paris Fashion Week

Salma and Francois Keep Calm Amid the Fashion Chaos

Salma Hayek and her husband Francois-Henri Pinault were out today to catch the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week. Just like their airport cuddles, Salma and her man were still all loved up as they left the presentation hand-in-hand and smiling at each-other. Salma is always VIP, but now that the CEO of PPR is always on her arm she's treated even more like royalty. A crowd apparently trailed the couple shouting congratulations on their recent marriage, and Salma graciously thanked them. It's a big week for Francois with his company's many events, so hopefully Salma will be by his side during the next fashionable few days.

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