Photos of Sarah Jessica Parker and James Wilkie in NYC, Following Rumors of Sex and the City Movie Sequel

SJP Might Be Back in Carrie's Manolos Soon

Sarah Jessica Parker piled on the layers and left only a little bit of James Wilkie visible walking in NYC today. In the heart of Winter, Carrie Bradshaw might be wearing something a little more flashy and we may be getting another taste of that fashion soon. There's been talk of a Sex and the City movie sequel since the first one came out, with Kim Cattrall going as far as confirming the news, and apparently they're inching toward a real deal. The latest is that the ladies have all agreed to star in a new film, although contracts haven't been signed yet. We'll wait to hear the official announcement before we toast our cosmos but it could be exciting to see the four women — and their men — back on the big screen.

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