Photos of Sean Penn in LA post Oscars

Sean Penn Makes It Hard Not To Appreciate Him

Sean Penn was going for a bad ass look with his bomber coat and smoke in his mouth as he left the Four Seasons Hotel in LA after meeting with friends yesterday. The Oscar winner celebrated Sunday night with his wife even though he didn't mention her in his speech. The following morning on Oprah, Sean explained why he didn't mention Robin. He said, "[Robin's] implicit. I wanted to keep things focused on the professional team around this movie. . . Because with Robin comes my mother and my son and my daughter, and half of them will punish me if I mention them." He then went on to joke that just for saying that quote he was now in trouble. Instead, he said he saved his short time onscreen for important messages about equal rights for all. While his speech was powerful, our favorite part was a lot more fun when he joked, "I do know how hard I make it to appreciate me." Touche.

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