Photos of Shirtless and Scruffy David Beckham Playing Soccer in LA

Beckham Kicks Up the Heat and Victoria Turns Down the Spice

David Beckham was shirtless and scruffy at the end of the Galaxy's home game against the Chicago Fire on Friday night. He helped lead the team into a victory before fielding more questions about his career move plans. Becks is heading to England this week for two more World Cup qualifying matches and he's still finalizing the details of his return to AC Milan. He spoke about what the future holds saying, "I'll finish when I feel my legs can't take any more, then I'll start enjoying family life. I want to play as long as possible. I have two years left on the Galaxy contract and then, who knows?" Speaking of his loved ones, Victoria's apparently not interested in another Spice Girls reunion instead opting for life at home in LA with her boys when she's not traveling the world for her fashion career.

Source: Landov, Getty