Photos of Suri Cruise In Her Slippers and On a Playdate in NYC With Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise Goes From Cozy Slippers to Sunday Playdate in NYC

Suri Cruise got to wear her pajamas and piggy slippers to dinner with mom Katie Holmes at Alice's Tea Cup in NYC on Friday night. The duo also took in a performance of Mamma Mia, just the latest in what is becoming quite an impressive set of Broadway shows Suri has seen. The sleepy three-year-old got carried out of the restaurant after their meal, but she was on her own two feet yesterday when she went to a dance performance and City Bakery on a playdate with a friend. Katie brought Suri out to show off her ballet moves in the city last week to kick off their East Coast trip. They're in town for Katie to take care of some business and in her absence Tom brought Connor to visit Cameron Diaz on the set of her new movie in LA.

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