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15 Funniest Twilight Sightings in Forks, WA!

Nov 10 2009 - 4:00am

While the Twilight [1] saga movies aren't shot in Forks, WA, Bella and Edward's hometown is still brimming with excitement for the series that made them famous! From motels to key making shops, the Twi-touch is everywhere and we've found the funniest signs in town. The Washington town has become a hot spot for fans and it seems like everyone is in the spirit — check out our 15 funniest sightings from Forks and everything related on TwilightSugar.com [2]!

Not a Wink

Get it? Because Edward Cullen doesn't sleep!

Big Draws

It's the home of Twlight [3] and there's wireless Internet — hot.

Education Is Important!

Looking for post-Twilight [4] plans?

Vampire Party

They've got you covered into the nighttime.

Local Artisans

Twilight [5] has influenced some of the more arty shops.

Keys, Locks, Twilight

The Twilight [6] souvenirs are everywhere.

This and That

From funny population signs to fake vampire teeth, tchotchkes abound.

Fostering Growth

The touch has even made its way to the town's planters.

Committed Area

Some stores have gone more all out than others.

Produce and Twilight!

That apple is iconic, after all.

Come On In

They're wide open!

With Your Groceries

Who else is also interested in Cougar Gold Cheese?

From All Angles

Peninsula College is well versed in the series.

Two Birds, One Zone

Twilight [7] fans have plenty of places to say in Forks.

Simply Dazzled

It's hard to avoid the influence of Twilight [8] in Forks!

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