Photos of Victoria Beckham at LAX 2008-10-13 10:00:24

Victoria Beckham Is Black, White and Posh All Over

Victoria Beckham lived up to her nickname on her way into LAX on Sunday. While she didn't have her men with her, she's happy to talk about them. She recently revealed in an interview about how she's not looking for another kid at the moment, but said, "I'm so lucky to have the boys and they're such great kids. Nice, free spirits and incredibly polite, which I think is very important. [ ...] But it takes a lot of energy, and the thought of having another baby now would be a little bit much. Maybe in a year or two but right now, I'm having amazing career opportunities and I want to enjoy the boys." She went on to talk about how they're developing American accents, though it sounds like no matter what her three adorable boys will always love their British roots.

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