Photos and Video of Beyonce Knowles on Late Night With David Letterman

Beyonce Is Making Her Last Stops Before Heading Overseas

Beyonce Knowles arrived at the Ed Sullivan theater yesterday with a big smile and even bigger umbrella. She showed off a variety of dresses as she sat down with Dave Letterman to chat about her tour and Obsessed before taking the stage to perform. B mentioned that she loves watching herself sing for the Obamas at the Inaugural Ball and talked about Jay-Z's last minute switch in "99 Problems" for the post-inauguration audience. Dave switched gears for Beyonce to discuss how much she enjoyed her fighting scenes with Ali Larter in her new movie. This morning on the Today Show, Beyonce got to laugh off the silly fake tape of her singing that made headlines yesterday. The film opens tomorrow, and her tour kicks off in Croatia this weekend, so Beyonce is ready to take the world by storm all over again.

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