Photos and Video of Jonas Brothers Surprise Theater Invasion Tour in SF 03/01/09

The Jonas Brothers Can't Have Celeb Crushes, but Always Remember Their Fans' Faces

The Jonas Brothers jetted around the country over the weekend, stopping by nine cities to surprise fans out to see their movie. By Sunday night Nick, Joe, and Kevin were understandably exhausted but still exceptionally polite, accommodating, and pleasant to everyone. The boys were happy to chat about their new record label and upcoming tour — the dates of which will be released in the next few weeks. They also had nothing but praise for the Obama girls and hope to return to the White House soon. I got to watch the Jonas Brothers surprise a San Francisco audience late Sunday night before flying with them back to LA. Let's just say they were excited to be on their way toward bed. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, here are some highlights of what we spoke about:

  • On whether they have celebrity crushes: Nick: Not really, because we started meeting them. Kevin: I think we refrain from celebrity crushes because we will probably run into them at one point or another so it’s a little weird to have that in print somewhere.
  • On who they met/didn't meet at the Grammys: Nick: We didn’t get to meet Paul McCartney or Prince, which was kind of a bummer, but we got to play with our idol and they were all giving us a standing ovation when we finished so that was worth it. It was such an amazing experience. We’re definitely so thankful for it. Joe: Seeing Chris Martin again was pretty awesome. I’m a big fan of his. He’s a really cool guy.
  • On thinking about fans they've met: Joe: Definitely, all the time. We have conversations about it every day. Kevin: We try really hard to remember faces. Nick: Sometimes they don’t expect us to remember names too.

After the jump check out two videos. One shows the madness of Nick, Kevin, and Joe surprising the screaming audience. The other is some snippets of interview highlights — different quotes than the ones above. (Please forgive my camera work, it was my first time.) To check out the videos and more photos, just read more.