Photos and Video of Madonna Eating Pizza and Talking Marriage on The Late Show

Madonna Would Rather Be Hit by a Train Than Marry Again

Madonna arrived at The Late Show yesterday with a smile, waving to the crowd assembled outside of Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC. She joked with Dave about all of her exes, referring to her marriage to Guy Ritchie as "the Bush years" and teasing Letterman for his A-Rod and Palin's daughter bit that Madonna said almost got him "arrested." When Dave asked the singer if she'd ever remarry, she replied, "I think I'd rather get run over by a train," putting to rest the wedding rumors for her and Jesus Luz. Madonna was also a good sport about going to an NYC pizzeria for the first time, where she drank a martini and ate a slice in front of her excited fans. Check out the video below.

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Source: WireImage