Photos and Video of Paris Hilton on David Letterman

Paris Takes the Party From Her Nightclub to Dave's Hot Seat

Paris Hilton showed up at The Late Show in one outfit but changed into a patriotic dress for her election eve interview. She headed back to LA last night, but not before her usual flirting banter with "new BFF" Dave. The heiress was promoting both Repo the Genetic Opera and her Fairy Dust perfume, which Dave jokingly used as mouth spray. He also teased her about Benji's tattoos and her show, and she dished about her Halloween costume. You can watch her interview after the jump, though it probably won't be long before she's back on the show promoting yet another product.

To see Paris's interview with Dave, a clip from her movie, and more photos of Paris's three outfits, just read more.

Source and Splash News Online