Picture of Britney Spears Shopping in LA

Britney Spears Helps Glee Break the Beatles' No 1 Record

Britney Spears wanted to change out of her jeans yesterday, so she went shopping in Santa Monica and emerged in a revealing leggy, lacy number to continue about her business. Brit has been working hard on her upcoming album, inspired by the outpouring of support about her cameo on Glee last week. The show moved onto a more somber note on Tuesday, but the cast has something huge to celebrate helped in no small part by Miss Spears. Thanks to the covers of her famous tracks, the Glee stars top the Beatles as the most number ones from a non-solo act of all time. Sounds like there could be more cake in order for Britney who should be more motivated than ever to get in the studio and crank out new music.

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