Pictures of Angelina Jolie Directing Her Movie in Budapest, Hungary

Angelina Jolie Gets Hands On Directing Amid Bosnia Filming Controversy

Angelina Jolie crouched down to see her scene from a new angle on the set of her directorial debut in Budapest today. She was back to work bright and early after a late night shooting with her cast. Brad Pitt stopped by to watch Angelina in action earlier in the afternoon yesterday, and the two shared a sweet romantic kiss on a break between takes. While the movie is a love story which takes place during the Bosnian war, Angelina is currently shooting in Hungary, and her application to go on location in Bosnia and Herzegovina was rejected. She's also causing a bit of an uproar among women's groups in the nation, who launched a formal protest against the film this week. For now, she seems to be making do with the intense-looking war-torn scenery they've created as her family makes a home in the city already.

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