Pictures of Angelina Jolie Meeting With Officials in Bosnia

Angelina Jolie Starts Her Bosnian Love Story While Brad Focuses on New Orleans

Angelina Jolie took a break from Salt press duties to visit Sarajevo on Saturday. While in Bosnia, Angelina met with officials to discuss a new movie she's making set during the area's 1992-1995 war and which will shoot this Fall. Despite the intense era, Angelina described it as, "a love story, not a political statement." Later in the day, Angelina was spotted in Budapest, Hungary with Knox and Vivienne scouting possible filming locations. This means another move to Europe for the Jolie-Pitts who most recently have been calling the SF Bay Area home temporarily as Brad works on Moneyball. Brad will also be on the small screen tonight, featured in Spike Lee's HBO documentary, If God Is Willing and The Creek Don't Rise, about the situation in New Orleans five years after Katrina. Brad reportedly had some harsh words about the BP oil catastrophe, which isn't too surprising considering his passion for rebuilding New Orleans with Make it Right.

Source: Sipa