Pictures of Angelina Jolie, Pax, and Maddox Grocery Shopping in France

Angelina Jolie Has Pax and Maddox's Help Picking Up French Groceries!

Angelina Jolie was in charge, but had two little helpers, Maddox and Pax, for her trip to the supermarket in France on Friday. Pax made his brother laugh by climbing into the cart while Angelina loaded up the car. The family is back home at their Miraval chateau after a quick trip to NYC so Angelina could promote The Tourist last week. The boys, along with their sisters Shiloh and Zahara, got a special visit to the art store while in the Big Apple. Angelina and Brad also got saucy on the red carpet at her premiere, which helped earn them a spot on our cutest celebrity couples of the year slideshow. The Tourist had a lackluster opening weekend at the box office and received rough reviews. Next up for the Jolie-Pitts is Christmas and Angelina told Larry King that they'll be picking a new country to visit for the holiday season.

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Source: X17 Online