Pictures of Brad Pitt After a Motorcycle Mishap in LA

Brad Pitt Stays Cool Following a Motorcycle Mishap in LA

Brad Pitt rode one of his many vintage motorcycles to the set of Moneyball today in LA but unfortunately had to be picked up by a bodyguard after the classic bike broke down. The actor, who hasn't had the best of luck on two wheels, sipped water and put in eyedrops while he waited. He recently took a break from filming to visit New Orleans and check up on the progress of his Make It Right Foundation, and Angelina Jolie went on a humanitarian mission of her own to Pakistan last week. While the philanthropic couple stay busy pursuing individual interests, their relationship is clearly a priority. Angelina revealed that Brad is the only person she opens up to, and the pair reportedly invested in a luxurious Italian villa, where they can enjoy future family getaways.

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