Pictures of Brad Pitt on World War Z Set

Brad Pitt Brings His Hotness and His iPad to Work on World War Z

Brad Pitt looked hot on the set of World War Z.

Brad Pitt looked especially sexy on the set of World War Z in Valletta today. He was back in his scarf and Theory shirt with his iPad under his arm to get to work, though he broke from the cameras for a quick trip to the nearby Mediterranean Conference Center. Brad was solo after enjoying the company of his kids on location over the last few days. Angelina Jolie brought Shiloh and Zahara to visit Brad on Tuesday, and Pax stopped by yesterday. When they weren't checking out the action last week, Angelina took all six little ones to an indoor play park. Brad and Angelina have had time away from their kids though, and they shared a romantic date night together earlier this week.