Pictures of Bradley Cooper Filming The Dark Fields in Philadelphia

Did Bradley Cooper Have a Bigger Year Than Anne Hathaway?

Bradley Cooper was hard at work filming The Dark Fields in Philadelphia yesterday. He's coming up on the year anniversary of the release of The Hangover, which is an indisputable turning point in his career. Since then, Bradley's been all over the place from award season where the comedy had some unlikely wins to magazine covers to his romance with Renee Zellweger. He has another big Summer coming up thanks to The A-Team and he just locked down a lucrative deal to make The Hangover 2. Still, he's trailing Anne Hathaway in the first round of the PopSugar 100! This came as a big surprise to us, who seeded him at 7 far above her 23, but we also know how much love there is out there for Anne. So tell us — did Bradley Cooper have a bigger year than Anne Hathaway?