Pictures of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Walking Dogs

Channing Tatum Stays Fit as Dear John Comes to Your Home

Channing Tatum traded his Vibram five toe shoes for more conventional footwear during back-to-back day trips to Runyon Canyon Park with Jenna Dewan and their dogs over the weekend. The couple is together in LA after Channing spent the last two months on the East Coast filming Son of No One and premiering Earth Made of Glass with a few visits from his wife. He was back in his workout gear yesterday to meet a friend at the gym and show off his love for Californication. Channing's been staying in good shape while promoting today's DVD release of Dear John, and he'll get to show off his fit physique at the MTV Movie Awards in June where he's up for two golden popcorn. He'll be flexing his acting chops instead of those muscles for his next project, playing a heroin addict in an upcoming film.

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