Pictures of Drew Barrymore at David Letterman and With Her Dog

Drew Barrymore Stops by The Late Show and Calls David Letterman Her Boyfriend

Drew Barrymore bounced from California to NYC yesterday for a visit to The Late Show to promote her new movie, Going the Distance. They didn't touch on her legendary Letterman striptease and instead Drew gushed over her new four-legged traveling companion, Douglas, and shared details on her most recent trip to India. When asked about her relationship status, the actress replied, "You're my boyfriend David!" She and on-again off-again, real-life love Justin Long have played coy about their current dating lives while still showing off their sweet, cuddly chemistry at their premieres. On their LA red carpet earlier this week, Drew and Justin were once again attached at the hip as they joked that working together was just "meh."

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