Pictures of Gisele and Tom Brady With Jack and Ben

Gisele and Tom Bike to the Park With Their Boys Ahead of Jack's Birthday

Gisele and Tom with Ben and Jack in Boston.

The Bundchen-Brady family hopped on their bikes and headed to a park in Boston Saturday. Little Jack manned his own two-wheeled transportation while Gisele carried Ben on the back of her bike and her dog Vida in a basket up front. The foursome's fun day came just ahead of Jack's fourth birthday, which is today! Tom has his oldest son's big day to celebrate in addition to a successful NFL preseason, since the Patriots have won both of their recent games. Despite his busy training camp schedule, Tom's been able to spend a few days off with his kids. He and Gisele stopped by a playground with Ben just last week. The couple may have their hands full with their parenting duties and busy careers, but all their hard work has clearly paid off since Tom and Gisele rank first on Forbes list of highest paid celebrity duos.