Pictures of Heidi Klum in NYC With Leni, Lou, Henry, and Johan 2011-06-22 03:02:00

Heidi Klum Stops By a Dress-Up Shop With Leni, Henry, Johan, and Lou

Leni and Henry Samuel left a store with mom Heidi Klum.

Costume-loving Heidi Klum led Leni and Henry by the hand as they left Halloween Adventure in NYC yesterday. Her youngest children, Johan and Lou, followed closely behind with help from a few nannies. Heidi spent the day with her kids after going for a jog along the Hudson River in the morning. She paired up with her bodyguard and a friend for the workout, which was the second day of her Summer Run program with AOL. Heidi had the help of trainer David Kirsch for her first day of pounding the pavement on Monday, and she'll be tracking her progress over the next month on her blog. In addition to daily sweat sessions, Heidi is also prepping for her upcoming fragrance release, filming Project Runway on Friday, and looking forward to a fun family vacation to Italy.