Pictures of Hot Ryan Gosling Getting Ready to Board a Flight to France for The Cannes Film Festival

Ryan Gosling Is Red Hot Heading to Cannes For Blue Valentine

Ryan Gosling kept his shades on yesterday as he headed in to catch a flight from LAX. The actor was on his way to France, where he'll attend a premiere of his film Blue Valentine at the Cannes Film Festival. Ryan's been busy in California working on a comedy with Steve Carell, but he's hesitant to branch out into an action movie. He said, "Those things are really hard, man. I don’t do them out of fear, because I really think the people that do those CGI movies are great actors. To make believe that some giant is chasing you when a giant is not chasing you . . . That’s acting. It’s easier to do things that are more true to life. If I had to act right now like some monster just crashed through the building, you wouldn’t hire me."