Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal With a Beard on a Motorcycle in LA

Jake Gyllenhaal's Bushy Beard Couldn't Detract From His Shirtless Splendor

Jake Gyllenhaal's full facial hair was longer than ever as he negotiated with a cop trying to give him a ticket and hopped on his motorcycle after lunch in LA yesterday. He's been keeping it trimmed fairly close to his face for the past few months but apparently started letting it go recently. If his beard isn't your thing, you can see a perfectly clean-cut and smooth-shaven Jake in the charming trailer for his new movie Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway. Plus, he's putting on a very strong showing in our Shirtless Bracket. Jake's six-pack easily earned a spot in the Sweet 16vote now for your chance to win a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses and check out a sizzling video of all the ab-tastic finalists below!

To see video of Jake and all his shirtless competition, just read more.