Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal Filming Source Code in Chicago

Jake Gyllenhaal Flashes a Sweet Smile on Set For Source Code

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan filmed Source Code in Chicago yesterday. Jake showed off that charming smile during his visit to SF last week where he also revealed how much fun he had shooting in Canada with costar Vera Farmiga and his excitement over being made into a Lego for Prince of Persia. Jake was covered up by a trenchcoat on set, but at least he'll fulfill our shirtless wishes when we see his bulked up physique on screen at the end of May. He's going strong against Ashton Kutcher in the PopSugar 100, and Jake has another exciting head-to-head coming up — Prince of Persia opens the same weekend as Sex and the City 2, which sounds like a great double feature to us.