Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal at Good Morning America Promoting Prince of Persia

Jake Gyllenhaal Starts His Day by Making Everyone Laugh at Good Morning America

Jake Gyllenhaal was in NYC today for an early appearance on Good Morning America. He's out and about promoting Prince of Persia before its release later this week, and he also chatted about pronouncing his last name and doing his own stunts and joked about the tough life of an actor. He had the whole studio cracking up with his good sense of humor — check out the video below. Jake's on the East Coast after a short stay in LA, where he toasted his Summer blockbuster's producer Jerry Bruckheimer and joined us for a special screening of his film. Jake still has a few more busy days to go until everyone has a chance to check out the shirtless hotness when his movie opens Friday, and TrèsSugar's taken a look back at his many sexy roles from the past.

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