Pictures of Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles Celebrating After His Show With Eminem

Jay-Z Celebrates His First Show With Eminem at an Afterparty With His Model Wife, Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles was decked out in a sequined Roberto Cavalli LBD last night to celebrate in the Big Apple following her husband Jay-Z's first show with Eminem at Yankee Stadium. Jay-Z joined her on their way into the afterparty, which was held at his 40/40 club. During the concert, Jay-Z spoke about the honor of playing in his hometown of NYC and at his beloved baseball team's headquarters. He said to the crowd, "I gotta tell y'all, it's one of the most wonderful things being here tonight, being from New York City and being in Yankee Stadium." It wasn't just Eminem and Jay on stage, though — they had cameos from special guests like Chris Martin and Kanye West, who was still in his bright red suit from the VMAs. Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted hanging out backstage, supporting her husband and her BFFs Beyonce and Jay. Beyonce switched gears to enjoy a night of family and music following her Fashion Week adventures, which included a turn on the catwalk for Tom Ford with other famous ladies like Julianne Moore, Rita Wilson, and Lauren Hutton.

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